That place you go.  That designated space where you can unwind, find your solace and just veg.  

That’s your zen corner.

Away from the troubles of the day.  Leaving the day’s struggles behind.  No need to problem-solve.  No need to fight back.  No need to process anything nor recommend.

Just pure bliss.

It doesn’t need to be fancy.  It can be a spot on your couch with your favorite colorful pillows that bring so much joy.  It can be a spot on the floor where the energy just feels right.  It can be a nook and cranny that offers you a moment to breathe.

Just enjoy it.  Sit.  Ponder.  Reflect.  And let go of all the aforementioned.

This is my current zen corner.  A simple chair in the midst of surrounding chaos.

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  1. You’re writing again and I love it. Thank you for a glimpse into your new normal. I like hearing Ti-Na’s perspective on life. Can’t wait to see Doodance’s fashion show soon. 😉

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