“To be human is to be connected.”  My dear friend wrote this to me recently as I was feeling less than adequate, less than productive and less than myself.  And it resonated.

Here I was, five weeks into NYC’s PAUSE amidst the coronavirus outbreak, after a series of life changes and events that felt almost intolerable and unbearable, an onslaught wrapped from the prior year into a crazy 2020.  A new year that didn’t feel so new. I was going through something and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  

It wasn’t necessarily the circumstances of the virus, but maybe it had an impact.  I couldn’t be entirely certain.  All I know was in that moment, when I wasn’t feeling at my best after an aggregated series of defeats, it was just good to hear.

And it was a message that manifested exactly its own meaning.  My friend seemed to say, hey, don’t worry about being okay all the time.  No one is always okay.  Just remember you are human and humans need interaction, connection and meaning.  I’m here for you.

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