CC’s Aussie Quarantine Diary: Day 4 – Dine and Ditch

Alex’s new favorite quarantine activity is to dine and ditch. We dine and eat our brekkie, lunch and dinner together. After each meal comes the subsequent uber fast ditch. And I mean, it’s lightning speed. Perfected by day four.

Within seconds of Alex’s last bite, he’ll say to me, “Okay, see you later!” as he heads to his room. 

But, I don’t blame him one bit. Personal space is something we haven’t had much of after enduring arguably the toughest parts of the pandemic in our former NYC shoebox apartment packed together like sardines. 

The time apart is healthy. And it just means that coffee, crosswords, convos and bird-watching together are all the more fun. 

Click the below link to view the video highlights from Day 4 in quarantine!