CC’s Aussie Quarantine Diary: Day 5 – Rinse Cycle

I listened to a podcast recently that was talking about how in a strange way, some of us may not want to fully “exit” the pandemic and return back to “normal” ways.

And I really felt that.

The speaker was sensitive to address the palpable pain and hardships of those who lost loved ones and endured the effects of the pandemic worldwide.

But what she was referring to was the notion that some of us may not want to return to the old “normal” because that old norm had never been ideal in the first place. And that some of the new behaviors adopted amidst catastrophe – slowing down, working from home, re-prioritizing, recognizing the need for better balance – that these ways of living could potentially be concepts we desire to continue when returning back to a new norm of sorts.

Day 5 of quarantine in Howard Springs for me was all about this idea. A cleaning, a shedding of sorts to examine a past life prompted by a digression from said life and the wishing for a past that’s forever been changed by a new trajectory of thought.

In other words, today I cleaned my quarantine room and did my laundry. And in those acts of transformation (“new room, who dis?”) I recognized the reasons Alex and I chose to make a change.  That pursuit of the evaluation of the old norm that spurred the facilitation of returning to a new norm.

How about you? What are your thoughts on what the “new” norm looks like for you? What were your learnings in the toughest of times in 2020? P.S To see Alex et moi doing quarantine laundry, tune in to this video! P.P.S. Let me know on a scale of 1 (boring) to 10 (fascinating) how you felt watching our quarantine laundry shenanigans. 

Click on the link below to watch the video of Day 5!