21 Days of Downsizing – Day 14

Welcome to my 21 day series of downsizing my NYC shoebox apartment for a move to Australia! Alex + I have already downsized about 80% of our belongings, but I’ve got some “on the fence” items from my closet and I could use a bit of help!

If you know me well, you know that while I’ve come around on downsizing my fashuun, I will *gulp* NEVER downsize my stuffed animals. Cuz #crazystuffedanimallady

So, tune in to help me decide what closet items to keep or not to keep! Simultaneously, I’ll introduce you to one of my stuffed animal friends, cuz I could NEVER downsize them!

Day 14 – Sister Act

Meet Finn.

Finn often gets mistaken for Sal the Seal. The two sit in a similar stature and carry comparable facial features. Both are harp seals.

But Finn is not Sal, her older sister.

Sal is empathetic, wise beyond her years and loves to help others through difficulties. Finn is younger, more curious with fluffier fur and still trying to find herself. 

Finn used to get annoyed when others mistook her for Sal, but only because she wanted to stand out on her own merit. She even wanted to be just like Sal at many points in her life, something she’d never admit to Sal.

Finn loves Sal and looks up to her immensely. But something inside her knew she needed to become Finn and not just Sal’s little sister.

Finn began to pursue her own interests. She took up extreme ice fishing, became an intern at Knight Public Accountants and went to dentistry school. She soon realized that she had a passion for brushing teeth and it became her favorite activity.

Soon, Finn developed a line of fish toothpastes that took the market by storm. No one had ever thought to make an Arctic cod flavored toothpaste. No one had ever thought of seals as a viable market.

Finn found her place in Adibooland, selling her fish toothpaste not only to other seals but bears and kookaburras as well.

Nowadays Sal will get mistaken for Finn. “Hey, you’re the inventor of my favorite fish toothpaste! Arctic cod is so cool, so fresh!”

And Sal never corrects anyone.

She’s so proud of Finn.

Now For Fashuun: To Keep or Not To Keep

On the fence about the below items. To keep or not to keep? Comment below!

  • plaid + houndstooth mixed print cropped tank
  • ted baker light blue stilettos with bow
  • large hoop earrings with faux pearls
  • green ombre beaded clutch

Stay tuned for day fifteen…

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  1. This has been my favorite entry so far! I loved meeting Finn. Keep those shoes. I’m sad I won’t be able to catch you and Alex in NYC but hope to see you sometime in the near future. All the best CTC.

    1. Awww, thank you SO much, Glors!!!! <3 That really means so much to me and I'm so happy that you enjoyed the story and meeting Finn!!!! I hope we can reunite one day soon as well. We are overdue for a long catch up!!!! Miss you lots and look forward to that day we can meet again face to face! -CTC

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