21 Days of Downsizing – Day 15

Welcome to my 21 day series of downsizing my NYC shoebox apartment for a move to Australia! Alex + I have already downsized about 85% of our belongings, but I’ve got some “on the fence” items from my closet and I could use a bit of help!

If you know me well, you know that while I’ve come around on downsizing my fashuun, I will *gulp* NEVER downsize my stuffed animals. Cuz #crazystuffedanimallady

So, tune in to help me decide what closet items to keep or not to keep! Simultaneously, I’ll introduce you to one of my stuffed animal friends, cuz I could NEVER downsize them!

A Taste of Melbourne in NYC

A taste of Melbourne in NYC! 

️Thanks to my friend Katy for introducing me to this coffee shop named after a bustling street in Melbourne, Australia. Naturally, I had to come back with Alex! 

Today we had a brekkie of chicken schnitzel, chorizo baked eggs, a sage omelette sanga and pour over coffees. What a welcome break!

Day 15 – Friends in Hi-Tech Places

Meet Toddito.

Toddito is a Highland terrier whose furry muzzle is highly valuable.

When it was a cold day in Adibooland, the adiboos had to be careful. Waffi would hut all of them to attention, announce the approaching weather and warn the adiboos that robbers might be lurking.

Especially vulnerable was Toddito. His dog muzzle or “muffler” carried its worth in weight. Robbers would snatch him away on these cold days to shear off his muffler, ten times more valuable than lotus flower silk.

But the adiboos were savvy. They developed wristband watches that served as hi-tech telecommunications transmitters to communicate their positions.

The robbers themselves developed their own advancements in bio-tech supplements. Via these pills, robbers could metamorphosize into “unsmashable” robbers who would grow into taller giants once stepped on by an adiboo.

The adiboos were determined to outsmart the robbers. So, they focused on invention.

Soon, they had switchboards that could control the lighting in a room, detect unwanted intrusions and make them a delicious custom sandwich all at the same time.

While eating a bone marrow and marmite sanga one day, Toddito thought of an idea.

He would start a program to develop a synthetic muffler material, more affordable and terrier-friendly.

The next day, he phoned his ultimate rival. The leader of Robberland.

It was the beginning of a new understanding.

Now For Fashuun: To Keep or Not To Keep

On the fence about the below items. To keep or not to keep? Comment below!

  • cactus print sheer topper jacket
  • my gelly roll glitter pens legit from middle school
  • notebook my dad gave me for Christmas 8 yrs ago
  • mint green juicy couture chain link bracelet back when the brand was cute
  • jeweled statement necklace…it’s a love but also so gigantic!

Stay tuned for day sixteen…