21 Days of Downsizing – Day 16

Welcome to my 21 day series of downsizing my NYC shoebox apartment for a move to Australia! Alex + I have already downsized about 85% of our belongings, but I’ve got some “on the fence” items from my closet and I could use a bit of help!

If you know me well, you know that while I’ve come around on downsizing my fashuun, I will *gulp* NEVER downsize my stuffed animals. Cuz #crazystuffedanimallady

So, tune in to help me decide what closet items to keep or not to keep! Simultaneously, I’ll introduce you to one of my stuffed animal friends, cuz I could NEVER downsize them!

Murray Hill Townhouses from Murray Hill Towne House

Alex and I live in a 24-story apartment complex in Murray Hill. We’ve always been intrigued by the history of the buildings in our neighborhood.

One day, we stumbled upon a fun fact: Liza Minnelli was once the owner of a 6-floor townhouse across the street from us! We proceeded to get sucked in and go down a rabbit hole of video and televised tours of the apartment. 

Day 16 – Cover Squirrel

Meet Brown Beeg Waffi Junior.

Brown Beeg Waffi Junior always felt like she was Mozart’s variations on a theme. She was not the original “Waffi.” She was not “Beeg Waffi.” She was a “Junior” and she was a “Brown.”

So many qualifiers in her name! Everyone would always think of her as a differential, an adaptation to an adiboo predecessor.

It really caused Brown Beeg Waffi Junior to focus inwards, to feel the weight of carrying on another adiboo’s namesake. Make that two adiboos. Wait, three.

She often wondered what life would feel like with just one iconic name. Madonna. Mariah. Whitney. Celine. 

What did she have to do to command that type of recognition? Could she just choose a new name and declare it hers? Why did it even matter to her so much? 

She couldn’t figure it out. It didn’t make sense in her squirrel brain. It didn’t click in her acorn head.

She asked herself, “How will I know?” How will I know how to become iconic?
And she told herself, “One sweet day, just express yourself. That’s how my heart will go on.”

She might be Brown Beeg Waffi Junior today, but world watch out. She’d become somesquirrel someday.

Now For Fashuun: To Keep or Not To Keep

On the fence about the below items. To keep or not to keep? Comment below!

  • off white isaac mizrahi sunnies
  • stretchy jute belt
  • floral full skirt thrifted in milwaukee w/ a certain b-lim
  • large crystal rings worn across two fingers
  • sam edelman silver, gold + blue glittery boots

Stay tuned for day seventeen…