21 Days of Downsizing – Day 17

Welcome to my 21 day series of downsizing my NYC shoebox apartment for a move to Australia! Alex + I have already downsized about 85% of our belongings, but I’ve got some “on the fence” items from my closet and I could use a bit of help!

If you know me well, you know that while I’ve come around on downsizing my fashuun, I will *gulp* NEVER downsize my stuffed animals. Cuz #crazystuffedanimallady

So, tune in to help me decide what closet items to keep or not to keep! Simultaneously, I’ll introduce you to one of my stuffed animal friends, cuz I could NEVER downsize them!

NYC, We’re Leaving You in Just One Week

Ahh! Just one week before we officially leave NYC! 

We’re spending some time in Florida with family before heading to Australia and it’s so surreal.

Our apartment is 85% downsized! I’ve really enjoyed putting together this downsizing project to interact with items I’m letting go of, visit some of my fav NYC spots and to cherish the memories + meanings behind it all. Thanks for tuning in. 

 Just 5 more days of this series!

Day 17 – Merry Merry King of the Bush is He

Meet Laffy.

Laffy flew to the United States by way of Germany.

Being a bird and all, you’d think he himself flew to NYC. But you’d be mistaken.

Laffy was booked on a cargo flight from a German warehouse as a surprise for Alex’s birthday.

Christina never even liked birds. But she knew that Alex’s favorite animal was the kookaburra, due to its jovial and mischievous laugh. A laugh that would simmer like a revving engine then accelerate into a roaring cackle.

For the first few days, Alex did not name Laffy. He seemed like a quiet bird.

And then, there it was. “I want to name him Laughlin…pronounced like Loch-lan, but spelled with ‘laugh’ in his name,” Alex mused. “Laughlin the Larrikin.”

“Let’s call him Laffy for short,” Christina returned.

Suddenly, the wind-up began. From reticent to boisterous. Maverick.


Peter Rabbit randomly started losing his blue jacket.

Doodance would feel a weight on his head but not be able to see what caused it.

Grundy would show up for coffee while Laffy flew overhead, tricking him into being ghosted.

Even Waffi had her leadership position challenged by a self-declared King’s decree.

And through it all, Laffy just laughed.

Aww awww awwww awww awwwwwwwww.

Now For Fashuun: To Keep or Not To Keep

On the fence about the below items. To keep or not to keep? Comment below!

  • white river island boots
  • black william rast suede pants
  • long black puffer vest
  • light blue oversized beret
  • grandma’s vintage beaded animal print fendi purse

Stay tuned for day eighteen…