Exploring Carlton Gardens

Alex and I have been in Melbourne for two months now! We can’t believe how quickly time has flown.

Less than six months ago, we were still downsizing our NYC shoebox apartment. Three months ago, we were in Florida spending time with my folks. Two months ago, we had just completed a mandatory two week quarantine in Howard Springs. One month ago, we were about 30% into furnishing our apartment.

It’s hard to believe how much life has changed for us, but sometimes that’s how it happens…it just happens!

We chose an apartment on the northeast fringe of the CBD of Melbourne. One of the selling points was that the apartment had a view of Carlton Gardens and is just a quick two minute walk to the park. We wanted a place that felt peaceful and being nearby the park is one of the absolute best aspects!

The Adiboos Are Adapting

Many of our adiboo friends have been adapting to a new environment, just like us. I honestly didn’t mean to dress like Peter Rabbit during one of our lunchtime breaks for a walk in the park, but when I looked and noticed that I was wearing Peter’s colors, I quickly grabbed him and brought him to the park with us!

It’s not Mr. McGregor’s Garden but rather Carlton Gardens. Alex and I absolutely love it. Right in the middle of the gardens sits the Royal Exhibition Hall and the Melbourne Museum. It’s nice to see some well-known, recognizable architecture that is so iconic of Melbourne.

There’s a part with a fountain with various types of trees and wide walking paths. Behind the museum going from the south to the north, there’s a section of tall trees. We’re currently in autumn here so it’s been nice to hear the crunching of leaves beneath our feet when we walk the park for our slice of zen.

It’s really crazy how just a green space that is open to the public can change the trajectory of our day. When we take a lunch break and go for even a 30 minute walk, we’re breathing in fresh air, getting in our steps, soaking up that Vitamin D, decompressing with a mental break and also strengthening our bond.

It’s been such a nice feature in our neighborhood and I’m so thankful!

Our Meditation

Thank you to Carlton Gardens for giving us a place to stretch out. We’re excited to keep exploring Melbourne for all of its gems.

Peter Rabbit had never experienced a meditation of sorts…in a garden. He had only ever known a garden, Mr. McGregor’s Garden, as being a place of stress and anxiety. He knew he had to hide and grab the vegetables quickly for fear of being discovered by Mr. McGregor.

For Peter Rabbit to learn to appreciate a hop in the park, checking out all of the flora without the ulterior motive of stowing away a radish or two, he saw a new perspective.

Typically he had to carry the vegetables to a safe spot to feed his family. This time, he was carried in a tote. He found it to be a very enjoyable experience. There was an extra “hop” in his step, without having to hop quite as much!