21 Days of Downsizing – Day 13

Welcome to my 21 day series of downsizing my NYC shoebox apartment for a move to Australia! Alex + I have already downsized about 80% of our belongings, but I’ve got some “on the fence” items from my closet and I could use a bit of help!

If you know me well, you know that while I’ve come around on downsizing my fashuun, I will *gulp* NEVER downsize my stuffed animals. Cuz #crazystuffedanimallady

So, tune in to help me decide what closet items to keep or not to keep! Simultaneously, I’ll introduce you to one of my stuffed animal friends, cuz I could NEVER downsize them!

A Flat White Escape

Visited our fav coffee shop for the first time since last year! Lucid Café was always our caffeine fix go-to. A half block away, we went a ton pre-pandemic. Then it closed, but recently opened. Thanks for the flat white escape today, Lucid Café! 

Day 13 – Bait and Switch

Meet Beeg Toto.

Beeg Toto lived the life of a goldfish. Except, Beeg Toto is a squirrel.

But Beeg Toto lived in Taipei’s version of a fishbowl. And she was outgrowing the tank.

It was a rigged system. No adiboo would ever escape the confines of the abode with giant panes, cramped quarters and that scary yet hope-bringing metal claw of a way out.

Coins clanked in the quarter slot. The joystick pivoted and that clown-ish music would play. The visitors would nearly grasp an adiboo, only for the metal jaw of a rigged system to release them back to their fish tank. So many adiboos staring out. Hopeful, but foolishly so.

For even when an adiboo born into the claw machine “escaped” via the slot, the employees of the arcade would say, “Wait here. Let me get you a new one!” A different version of themselves, wrapped in a plastic bag, only for the OG to go right back inside.

Beeg Toto had seen it again and again. All the adiboos of the claw machine had glimpses of freedom, yet came right back in, maybe a few inches to the left.

So the day Christina won the claw game dropping Beeg Toto in the slot, she was determined.

She stared Christina square in the face, conveying a message:  “Look, I’m the same squirrel as [little] Toto. You saved me! You want to keep the original me!”

It worked. That day, Beeg Toto rendered herself the closest to a goldfish as ever before. She baited Christina.

And so, Christina said to the employee who offered her a newer, cleaner, packaged version of Beeg Toto, “I’m good. I’ll keep the original.”

Now For Fashuun: To Keep or Not To Keep

On the fence about the below items. To keep or not to keep? Comment below!

  • striped t-neck that’s warm but worn out
  • tan wide leg pants with skirt overlay
  • vince camuto animal print shoulder bag
  • snakeskin print dress that’s a love but tbh due to pandemic weight gain can’t button anymore so nowadays just wear as a duster

Stay tuned for day fourteen…