CC’s Aussie Quarantine Diary: Day 3 – Mental Sustenance

When we are hungry, we eat, we grab a snack. I gladly reach for a trio of al pastor tacos or some crispy bottom potstickers. Poof – hunger cured.

So why is it that when our mental capacities are overstretched, overworked, tired and perhaps starving, we don’t nourish them like we do our tummies?

If you know me well, you know that I’m unlikely to ever forget to eat a meal. In fact, I’m usually anticipating when I’ll be hungry next. Cuz, foodie at heart.

But I haven’t always brought that same level of awareness, consistency and appetite to my mental health. And I’m someone who struggles with anxiety and panic attacks paired with mild depression. Layer on the pandemic, and I think we’ve all experienced some level of mental anguish over the last year.

Day 3 of quarantine for me was about mental health. The health staff here call us every day to check in on our well-being. And that well-being is not only physical but also mental. Alex and I also reflected a bit on our own mental states during the toughest times of the pandemic and past times we’ve sought help.

If you struggle with your mental health, know you’re not alone. I’m still learning how to see it as something to nourish, to work through, to understand and to feed in the same manner I’d feed my hangry stomach. 

Kindly leave comments on any methods or techniques you know that can help someone going through a rough patch mentally.

Click the below link to view the video highlights from Day 3 in quarantine!