CC’s Aussie Quarantine Diary: Day 2 – Adrenaline Rush

It’s Day 2 of our 14-day mandatory quarantine in Australia up in the Northern Territory! The second day of quarantine at the Howard Springs facility was an adrenaline rush. Why’s that? Because with a bit less jetlag than the day prior, everything felt like a fun discovery!

It’s that feeling when you start something fresh and it hasn’t become old hat yet. It’s that notion of discovery and seeing what could be considered mundane as something extraordinary due of a change of scenery.

Even making a *gasp* instant coffee felt rejuvenating. Making visits to our separate rooms felt like those college days visiting friends down the hall. Unpacking random parts of my suitcase felt like a treasure hunt. Bird watching was major entertainment. And let’s not forget the 5:30 pm food delivery…who knew food delivery could bring so much joy!

I’ve also been quite impressed with how the health team here has been monitoring both our physical and mental health. We receive a phone call each day as a check-in on how we are feeling mentally and emotionally. Additionally, there’s a thermometer in the room where we take our temperature and we report in. They’ve provided iPads with an app specifically to chat with us and track our heart rate and breathing rate via an arm band that we wear! 

I decided to attempt a light workout on the balcony. P.S. if you watch the video of our outdoor space, would you consider it a balcony, porch, verandah or patio? I can’t seem to choose the wording and keep changing it up! It felt invigorating to feel my body sweating up a storm even with just some light exercises due to the heat. 

Even though I’ve always loved the hustle bustle of NYC, Day 2 of quarantine in Australia showed me how fun it is to re-discover the mundane and find that adrenaline rush in the ordinary.

Click the link below to watch the video for Day 2!